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In France and internationally, commercial agent employment and the contract signed with a principal company are governed by a number of legal, accounting, tax and social obligations.

Also, to help you in your administrative and legal procedures, and to make life easier for commercial agents and principals, our team of specialized legal advisors here answers all frequently asked questions about commercial agent profession.

Legal advisors answers to frequently asked
questions about commercial agent profession

Legal statute: better know commercial agent job

What is the role of a commercial agent or an agency?

A commercial agent promotes products or services of principal company.

How to become a commercial agent?

To practice commercial agent profession, all you need to do is register or register the company created in the Special Register of Commercial Agents (RSAC). No diploma is required to become a commercial agent.

What legal statute to choose for a commercial agent?

The commercial agent is free to choose his legal statute. He can work in micro-enterprise, sole proprietorship (EI, EIRL) or in the form of a company (SARL, EURL, SAS, SASU).

How to obtain the commercial agent statute ?

A commercial agent contract is required for registration with RSAC.

Which auto-entrepreneur statute to choose to be a commercial agent ?

The auto-entrepreneur commercial agent is in the “Other Services” category.

Principal: what you need to know to work
with a commercial agent!

Why choose a commercial agent?

The commercial agent quickly generates turnover thanks to his network and expertise. You optimize your payroll by using an outsourced sales force.

How to work with a commercial agent?

It is a win-win relationship where parties determine their respective missions.

How to pay an independent commercial agent?

The commercial agent issues an invoice that principal pays.

How to find and recruit a commercial agent?

Thanks to Cap Agent, quickly recruit a qualified commercial agent in France to outsource your sales force. Meet several commercial agents or agencies at the annual APAC National trade fair. Use IUCAB B2B to recruit agents internationally.

Rights, obligations and contracts of commercial agents

What type of employment contract for a commercial agent?

This is a Commercial Agent contract, i.e. a mandate of common interest in accordance with Articles L134-1 et seq. of the French Commercial Code. The terms of contract and its application vary according to the field of activity.

What are commercial agent expenses?

Social benefits charges vary depending on form in which the activity of a commercial agent is carried out (self-employed person, company, sole proprietorship). The charges related to the activity also vary according to geographic sector, customer base and field of activity.

What are commercial agent duties?

The two main obligations of a commercial agent and principal are: loyalty of and information duty.

How to terminate a commercial agent contract?

Contract termination must comply with legal and contractual requirements. Such as notice must be observed.

Develop you commercial agent activity

What is commission percentage for commercial agent?

The commission percentage is determined by both parties. It varies considerably according to certain criteria (field of activity, customers, mission of the sales agent, etc.).

How to calculate commercial agent commission ?

The commercial agent commission is for the most part a percentage calculated according to turnover generated.

How do to find card offers for commercial agents ?

Find many card and contract offers in France on our Cap Agent platform. Grow your network and find new collaborations at annual APAC National Commercial Agent trade fair. To find an international commercial agent contract, use IUCAB B2B Platform. Word of mouth and the strength of your personal network can also help you find new card offers and develop your commercial agent job.

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