IUCAB B2B: a platform to
internationalize your business

Easily find an international commercial agent contract

The IUCAB B2B Platform (Internationally United Commercial Agents and Brokers) is an online support to promote networking between companies, suppliers and manufacturers, and international commercial agents. This service business to business brings together in one place the various contact and recruitment platforms commercial agents for the member countries of the network.

Directly from the IUCAB website, gain access to mandate offers and find an international commercial agent contract on the platforms of member countries via IUCAB B2B France.

The role of IUCAB B2B for commercial
agents internationally and principals

IUCAB is the Global Alliance of National Associations of Commercial Agents. It brings together nearly 18 independent national commercial agents organizations, including APAC. Since 1953, IUCAB has carried out numerous actions to promote the interests and guarantee the protection of international commercial agents.

The IUCAB also participates in the training of commercial agents on questions of international law and applicable legislation in foreign countries, the digitization of their profession, management … The training offered by APAC respects the standards established by the ‘IUCAB.

Recruit or find an internationally
commercial agent contract with IUCAB

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Are you looking for a commercial agent abroad to internationalize your sales force? IUCAB allow to principals to recruit their new outsourced sales force from a large network of independent agencies and agents around the world.

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