Exhibitor profile: Any manufacturer, reseller, wholesaler, service
provider, importer, distributor, whatever the industry represented.
Visitor profile: Commercial agents, commercial agencies from all
sectors of activity: agri-food, building, real estate, industry,
gardening-DIY, textile, medical, various etc.

Your interest to be partner with a commercial agent or commercial agency:
– Create your own associated sales force
– Lower and control your costs
– Sustain your turnover while increasing it
– Launch a new product or service
– Target a new clientele
– Establish yourself on the national, international market

3 reasons to exhibit:
1. The simplicity of organization:
A human-sized, half-day show with equipped stands.
2. Commercial efficiency:
A research devoted to its commercial partner that allows the optimization of contacts.
3. The doubly winning investment:
The “all inclusive” formula allows you to meet your future partners at the show and via the business connection platform