Confidence, listening skills and human contact are the pillars of APAC. It is on these foundations that we have built an important network of partners in France and internationally, and that we support our members day after day. Thanks to our experience and our role within the international organization of Commercial Agents IUCAB, we have become the professional reference for commercial agents.

Since the start of APAC, our team has been available and mobilized on a daily basis. It does everything to encourage and support development of the activity of all our members. Their success is our greatest victory. Being independent doesn’t mean being alone.

Why do mandating companies turn to us? Because they know they can count on our service to improve their sales force by finding a qualified independent commercial agent.

If we can assure you of quality of our service, the testimonies speak for themselves. Commercial agency, self-employed person, freelance commercial agent, companies, suppliers, manufacturers, clients, all trust us and we thank them for their loyalty.

Do you want to take advantage of our services to develop your business or take advantage of a quality outsourced sales force? Subscribe to our services now.

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